Cary Grant at a business meeting, c. 1940s


"Fiboncci Sequence (Square)" Art print

Leonardo Fibonacci is an Italian mathematician from the 12th century.


Bubble blowers, 1940s


Cute forced perspective snap from the 1940s.

"I slept in Frank’s pajamas, at least the top half of them, and the next day we walked along the empty beach, me in the bottom half of my travel suit and Frank’s jacket. Naturally a photographer was lying in wait and snapped a shot of us, barefoot, holding hands. I’ve always thought it was a sad little photograph, a sad little commentary on our lives then. We were simply two young people so much in love, and the world wouldn’t leave us alone for a second." – Ava Gardner
Cary Grant photographed by Sam Shaw




i wanna talk about it but i really dont wanna talk about it

Jean Harlow in a publicity still for Hell’s Angels in 1930.


Ukrainian National Observatory, Two Exposures of the Moon, (1912)

Brazilian aviation pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont pilots his Airship No. 6 around the Eiffel Tower, 1901 

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